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    Health and Prevention

    The health of our Jack Russells is a top concern.  We
    have designed a comprehensive nutrition and
    preventative health program with the help of our vet.   
    Here are a few of the highlights...

    Diet is as important to your terrier's health as it is to
    your body.  When your dog is fed high quality food, he
    will feel better and live longer.    He will have fewer
    allergies, more energy, and nice skin and a shiny
    coat.  A good diet leads to fewer digestive problems
    and less mess for you to clean up.  We feed high
    quality dog foods with no byproducts or cheap fillers.  
    While these foods do cost more than grocery store
    brands, it is well worth it for the added health
    benefits a good food offers.  We highly recommend
    that all our puppy buyers continue their dog on a
    lifetime of good nutrition.

    In addition to quality food, we use NuVet Supplements
    to ensure healthy adults and healthy puppies.  
    Mothers are also given extra portions of calcium rich
    foods such as cottage cheese and yogurt.  This helps
    make the mother's milk more nutritious for the puppies.
    Prevention is the key to preventing several serious health issues for your pet.  All our dogs are
    vaccinated for things that are potential threats in our area.  Ask your vet what is necessary in your
    area.  Our puppies are given their first DHLP-P before going home.  This begins to build their immunity
    to five common canine illnesses: Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, and Parvo
    virus.  Our vet feels these are legitimate threats to our puppies and the benefits associated with the
    vaccines outweigh the risks.  We ask that all puppy buyers follow up with puppy booster shots at 3 to 4
    week intervals until the puppy has been vaccinated at least 3 times.  Also, a rabies vaccination should be
    given at 16 weeks.  

    Flea and tick prevention is equally important, not just for the comfort of your companion but
    because these pests can transmit diseases like Lyme disease, Erlichiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted
    Fever, and allergy dermatitis.  We keep our dogs on NexGuard all year long.  NexGuard
    kills all stages of fleas and ticks,  is a chewable rather than a topical drug so it is completely waterproof
    (our dogs like to swim!), and is safe and effective on dogs eight weeks and older.  

    Another parasite that can cause serious harm to your pet is the heartworm.  We keep our dogs on
    Interceptor to prevent heartworm disease and control hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms.

    Testing  can help ensure our breeding dogs are of the highest quality and most likely to produce
    exceptional puppies.  Testing falls into two categories: temperament and health.  Temperament
    testing is done to ensure the best personalities and aptitudes in our breeding dogs.    We look for
    highly trainable, non aggressive, and people oriented dogs to be part of our breeding program.  
    Determining an individual dog's aptitudes and likes can help us give our dogs most fulfilling lives
    possible.  Some like to hunt, others like to snuggle, some enjoy swimming, and there are some die
    hard ball chasers in our bunch!  

    Health testing and preventative medicine can be used  to help reduce the chances of breeding
    puppies with genetic issues and contagious illnesses.  Our terriers have been checked and cleared
    for patellar luxation, cardiac and thyroid function, and hearing/ vision.  

    Want to learn more about how we raise a litter of puppies?  Read about our Puppy Protocol.