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Jack Russell
Terrier coat types
and colors and
Coat Types:
Jack Russells come in three coat types: smooth, broken and rough. A smooth coat is short all over. A
rough coat is long all over. A broken coat is an in between coat type with long hairs in some places
and short hairs in others. Many people believe the broken and rough coats shed less.
smooth coat                                           broken coat                                       rough coat
smooth coat                                              broken coat                                rough coat
Jack Russells come in three color combinations: tan and white, black and white and tricolored (black, tan
and white). Tan and white can range from a very light blond color (known as lemon tan) to a very dark sable
tan (tan with black hairs mixed in). Some Jacks don't have any spots and are solid white.
tricolored                                           tan and white (dark red tan)               tan and white
black and white                                   lemon and white  (very light tan)                  tricolored (black, tan and white)
tan and white (sable tan)                   tan and white                                                   black and white
Jack Russells have unique markings and no two are exactly alike. There are many variations so the
pictures below are just to demonstrate some common terms used to describe markings:
mask with thick blaze                           patch eye                                                        mask with thin blaze
full mask                                               patch eye                                            full mask with saddle on body