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Jack Russell Terriers may be any height between 9 and 15 inches at the withers (the highest
point between the shoulder blades).  There are 2 size classes of the Jack Russell Terrier: 9-12
inches and 12-15 inches. Some clubs and registries call them all Jack Russells while others
divide the two height classes into separate breeds. Both types have several nicknames to
further add to the confusion...

  • The under 12 inch type is sometimes referred to as a shorty / shortie Jack, a puddin
    or a short legged Jack Russell Terrier.

  • The taller size is sometimes called a long legged or standard sized Jack Russell
    Terrier. Some registries call them a Parson Russell Terrier.

Furthermore, people often refer to their origin as part of the name (ie. English Jack Russell,
Irish Jack Russell). While technically all JRTs originated in the British Isles, these terms are
more frequently applied to the short type to indicate where the particular bloodline originated.
      9 to 12 inch JRT                             12 to 15 inch JRT
When the legs are shorter it changes the profile of the terrier.
The under 12 inch JRT is rectangular (slightly longer than tall)
while the taller JRT is more square (height equal to length).
Both of these puppies are 14 weeks old. The one on the left will
mature under 12 inches (a shorty) while the one on the right will
mature over 12 inches.