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Puppy Protocol

Raising puppies is a huge responsibility not to be taken lightly. A lot goes
into planning a litter of puppies.  Choosing the right parents based on
temperament and conformation, ensuring a successful mating, caring for a
pregnant mother, and staying with the mother as she whelps her puppies-
even if it is in the middle of the night. All of that before the puppies are even
born! When the puppies do arrive then begins trips to the vet, vaccinations,
worming, daily cleaning and handling, and screening prospective buyers. It
is a time consuming process when done correctly. Because we don’t cut
corners, we are confident in offering you our
health guarantee. On this
page we would like to share information about how we care for a litter during
and after it is born so you have an idea of the time and effort that goes into
creating a well socialized, healthy puppy.

Whelping a litter of puppies is the scariest but most exciting part of
breeding. Things can go wrong and an experienced breeder knows how and
when to help a struggling mother. We have our whelping area right next to
our bedroom so we are always close when a female starts labor. We ensure
her  comfort by providing a safe and private area for her to start
    “nesting.” When labor begins, we are by her side for support and any needed intervention. This can take several
    hours! We like to let the mother do as much as she wants to do by herself to keep the process as natural as
    possible. Sometimes we must step in to help get a puppy breathing or cleaned up if the mother is getting tired.
    Finally, when all the pups are born we check each one over carefully and make sure they are nursing. Then it is rest

    Tails are docked in the first day or two (unless a natural tail is requested prior to birth).  

    Daily handling begins from the first day and includes gently holding and touching the puppy each day so it is used
    to being handled by people.  We practice the Biosensor Method to stimulate young puppies.  Nails are cut regularly
    and all parts of the body are gone over to prevent your puppy from being fearful of human touch.  At first, I am the
    only one who does this. When the puppies are about 5 weeks old I let other people (including my kids) handle them.  
    At 7-8 weeks, we begin playing with the puppies to further enforce human bonding and get to know their
    personalities.   Already, we are working on socialization that will help make your puppy a  well adjusted, people
    oriented pet.  

    Exposure to new things is also important in raising a well adjusted puppy. Because our litters are raised in our
    house, they become used to common household sounds like the vacuum cleaner, running and screaming kids, the
    doorbell, and other dogs. At five weeks, we let them go outside in a puppy playpen to romp in the grass. We also let
    other adult dogs sniff and play with the puppies. Many of our families already have dogs when they bring home a
    Bear Creek puppy. We feel this playtime with dogs besides their mother helps puppies learn “canine manners.” By
    eight weeks, our puppies have the run of our house and yard. They have begun potty training and are beginning to
    understand a schedule.

       Vet checks are done at 6 weeks. At this time, our vet examines each puppy and checks for any problems. Shots
       are given and puppies are dewormed. An vet report is made for each puppy with the results of their exam.

    Health, as mentioned on the health and prevention page, is a top priority. In addition to routine vet checks, our
    puppies have been started on a high quality diet since 5 weeks of age. They have access to fresh water and are
    kept in a clean environment.

    Finding suitable owners is another
    important step in properly and
    responsibly breeding a litter of puppies.
    It is our utmost desire that whether
    placed for show or companionship, our
    puppies find loving forever homes with
    responsible owners. We provide a
    health guarantee and a lifetime of
    support for your Bear Creek Russell
    Terrier. We want you to make an equally
    important commitment to maintain our
    high standards for the health and
    happiness of your puppy for the rest of
    his or her life!